Momus Restaurant

Peschiera del Garda

Cafè Momus Restaurant


The Cafè Momus Restaurant in Peschiera del Garda is the ideal locaition for a dinner that should not go unnoticed.

The extensive menu features fresh fish crudités, new grilled dishes and special international-inspired dishes.

Elegant armchairs, a luxurious chandelier, vintage accessories and lush plants make it unique and exclusive, ideal for a romantic dinner or outing with friends.
The grand staircase at the entrance culminates in a spectacular view of Lake Garda and Peschiera.
From the marvellous terrace that dominates the ambience you can enjoy the panorama and spectacular sunsets.


Cafè Momus Restaurant
Inedite proposte

Inedite proposte

Our menu is the perfect combination of taste and quality ingredients!
You will find the freshest crudités with refined selections of oysters, you can taste the best caviars and let us advise you on the freshest fish proposals of the day.
All our proposals are on view! The fish counter and the wine cellar are on display to show everyone the quality and variety that characterises them.
The wine list offers spectacular sparkling wines and new proposals perfect to accompany the courses or for an exclusive aperitif.

To offer you a special ambience, we have reserved access by reservation.
You can reserve your table by calling +39 045 644 8449.

Would you like to organise an exclusive company dinner with a location completely dedicated to your event?

At Cafè Momus Ristorante it is possible!

You can enjoy a spectacular view of the lake, with a dedicated and customisable fish menu, accompanied by an original selection of wines.

We can also organise personalised tastings, cooking classes, team building experiences or exclusive private events!